Cookiezi - our lord and savior


Achieving the only S rank on Cry Thunder, 6.95*, Cookiezi only broke on one easy slider, to the despair of many. Though he has FC'd it before while banned. This score is #1 on the song, and the most impressive part of it is having no misses on the guitar solo. 455pp

This play is a full combo on Everything Will Freeze, 7.65*, that's one of three Cookiezi plays that reached the front page of reddit (the other two are mostly stream maps that aren't particularly interesting to watch). It's the only full combo in the world and the #1 score because of how ridiculously fast it is, especially at the end. 240bpm means that he has to click (or tap since it's a keyboard) 16 times a second. 650pp

This play is a full combo on High Score, 7.83*. Being the only full combo in the world using HD HR and the #1 score, the most noticeable achievement is during the climax of the song when you have to go from one edge of the screen to the other at about 3.66 times a second. 698pp

The only S rank on Tengaku, 7.81*, this play is also sadly not an FC because of a slider break, but it's still the #1 score and only S rank in the world. Nothing particular to point out, just an amazing score overall. 534pp

An FC on Crack Traxxxx, 7.85*, I like this play because of the sliders' difficulty from being fast and awkward. It's the only FC using HardRock and is worth 530pp.